We are a CNC cutting and fabrication service specializing in custom design, custom cutting and small or even single batch part runs.

Much of our work consists of cutting the parts and building booths for the trade show, museum, and exhibition industry. We can also do the design of your trade show booth, and at the other end, crate it for shipping and installation.

And with one of the largest cutting beds in the industry, measuring 5' x 10', we can easily cut the architectural signage for a new sports stadium, hospital, or office building.

Our CNC can cut almost anything. All hard and soft woods, plywoods, laminates and engineered woods. Rubbers and foams like HDU, sign board, and Gatorboard. Plastics including acrylic, polycarbonate, HDPE, Delrin, Zytel, ABS, PVC, Sintra, as well as FRP's such as carbon fiber or fiberglass. Composites like Dibond and Corian. Metals aren't a problem - we cut aluminum, brass, copper, gold, silver, and all non-ferrous metals, including titanium.

Yes almost anything. Even cake. Large cake - up to 5' wide and 10' long.

Do you need something cut or built? No matter how small, please email robot@robot-six.com for a fast friendly quote. Tell us about your design or wishes, what you want to build, and out of what material. And if you have drawings, even hand drawn sketches, send them along.

Our massive Komo Innova robot at work